NUTEX tools

The clever system with one-sided tool pickup

Nutex tools - The perfect combination

The Nutex and Nutex Plus circular saw systems offer a unique combination of circular saw blade and holder in a single tool. Each allows sawing and slotting on CNC centres without any fixings protruding out of the tool face.

Examples of Nutex applications

You can order or download the relevant 'Nutex tools' catalogue. The main chapters are:

Nutex Mini

For small saw diameters: Ø 15 - 32 mm
The saws come with a special central screw, the holders with an internal cooling system!


The mother of all Nutex tools. A unique combination of saw and tool holder for relaxed sawing, slotting and cutting off.

Nutex Plus Mono and Nutex Plus

Like a side milling cutter, the Nutex Plus cuts on three sides, making it ideal for deep slots and more demanding machining operations.

Nutex Plan and Nutex Faset

Nutex Plan and Nutex Faset use the proven holders from the Nutex system and are an ideal complement to Nutex sawing tools.