News & Highlights

Indexable insert ALESA Delta with 6 ground cutting edges

The new Delta indexable insertshave 6 ground cutting edges and are mounted tangentially on the milling body. Various Features of "TWIST" have been taken over, including the 20° positive helix angle and the completely ground surfaces and angles. The advantages of the Delta insert: gain in efficiency due to 6 completely ground cutting edges, positive effect on the spindle load due to the helix angle and the small cutting forces.

Teeth grinding and chamfering machine DENTA COMBI 160

Praxis for users: the new DENTA COMBI 160. The teeth grinding and chamfering machine for HSS and carbide circular saws.

The Denta Combi 160 is equipped with an automation system of the company EGS.

At the Grindtec in Augsburg (Germany) the new DENTA COMBI 160 by ALESA was presented for the first time to a large public.

Top ten placing in the Prodex Award

We are proud to report that we received a nomination for the Prodex Award (given for particularly innovative products) this year.
The awards were handed over during Prodex. Although we didn't make it on to the podium, we were absolutely delighted to get into the top ten!
Congratulations to everyone involved!

Alesa TWIST Coolex

The Alesa TWIST Coolex milling cutter! The innovative and patented flank cooling system allows coolant to flow freely over the whole blade, ensuring not only a greater chip removal capacity but also a much longer service life.
The water cushion between the blade and the workpiece also absorbs vibrations and improves the surface.

ALESA Coolex in action

Ceramic indexable inserts SD

Our new ground ceramic indexable inserts offer double the cutting speed of carbide when machining ductile cast iron and grey cast iron!

Nutex Plus as a mono tool - no interface

The sintered join between the carbide Nutex Plus and the carbide shaft eliminates an interface in the clamping operation.

With its smaller shaft, the Nutex Plus Mono also allows deeper slotting and machining.
The Nutex Plus Mono product range currently comprises saws with dimensions from Ø 25 x 2.00 mm to Ø 50 x 4.00 mm.