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Training at Alesa

The best foundation is a sound apprenticeship

Training / apprenticeships at Alesa

ALESA has a rich tradition of apprenticeship training stretching back decades.
During their 3 or 4-year training our apprentices pass through a whole range of departments and units. They are trained and instructed by our in-house trainers following the curriculums specified by the industry associations.

Today we train young people to qualify as specialists in the following trades:

- Polymechanic
- Production mechanic
- Clerk 

  • Polymechanic
  • Production mechanic
  • Clerk

More details about the individual trades can be found at or more generally at

Are you looking to try something out or wanting to apply for an apprenticeship position?
Then contact the following people:

Mr Kurt Züsli
+41 62 767 62 40

Production mechanic / Polymechanic
Mr Daniel Buchmann
+41 62 767 62 10