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Toolholders with indexable inserts

for milling, turning, grooving

Milling, turning and grooving tools with indexable inserts

Whether HSS, ceramic or carbide, Alesa indexable inserts are always ground sharp and given a perfectly conditioned cutting edge. That allows them to achieve machining performances that will simply astound you.
Our ‘Toolholders with indexable inserts’ catalogue sets out the various areas of use and machining applications. The main chapters are listed here, each with four specimen illustrations by way of example.
You can order or download the catalogue.

Profile milling

The Alesa TWIST Standard is the original high-positive, sharp-grinding profile milling cutter. The spiral ground indexable insert guarantees a soft and peeling cut, so the cutting forces required are much lower, relieving the strain on your spindle and machine – and yet with the highest machining capacity and service life.
The latest patented tool: the flank-cooled Alesa TWIST Coolex! The blade is cooled on all sides, delivering not only greater performance but also a much longer service life.


All the benefits of the Alesa TWIST geometry in several product series, ranging from Ø 25 mm with a cutting depth of 25 mm to Ø 83 mm at ap = 85 m.

Fine finish milling

The position of the inserts on our fine finishing milling cutter can be adjusted axially. The result? An axial run-out of 0.002 mm and the best surfaces!

High feed milling

Our finishing inserts make fine surfaces achievable even in high feed milling – despite the enormous chip removal rate!

Face milling 45° (HEPTA / SD) / Tools with button indexable inserts

Our range includes products for traditional face milling with SD inserts (angled at 45°) just as much as tools with a round edge or double sided indexable inserts with total 14 cutting edges (HEPTA).


The large variety of indexable inserts in HSS enables us to offer real alternatives in turning to achieve high-quality machining.

Turning inside / Toolbits

Tools for turning inside with indexable inserts are already available from Ø 6 mm. And of course we still manufacture the good old toolbit here on our premises.

Duocut / Minicut / Grooving and parting-off

The ‘Toolholders with indexable inserts’ catalogue also contains a selection of Alesa tools for grooving and parting-off.